About Us

Hi! Our names are Emilee and Brynne & we are so happy to have you here. It was a desire for both of us to create something that was our own. Designing clothing that is both unique and comfortable ignites genuine excitement and passion for us here at EXB Apparel.

We absolutely love giving our customers the option to look both stylish AND comfortable. We take pride in our customer service and the quality of all products. Rest assured that your EXB Apparel clothing will be treated with care from the moment you add it to your cart, to the moment the package arrives on your doorstep. 

Our clothes are not just for one group of people. We work to diversify our clothing line for all individuals. That being said, we want to empower our audience by giving them a wide selection of comfort and fashion. Slipping into EXB apparel is like slipping into your new confident self.

Freedom is more than doing what you love. Freedom is about wearing whatever you want, doing whatever you want, being whoever you want with whoever you want. We want our customers to feel that sense of freedom by choosing clothes that make them feel comfortable and authentic in their skin

At the end of the day, we are just two best friends who decided to go after their dream and it’s YOU that makes it possible for us. Traveling, coffee dates, and being comfy are a few of our favorite things. We cannot wait to see you living your best life & creating new memories in your EXB apparel! 

We believe in giving you a different style, a different fit, and a different feel.